Cloud Emails

Have you ever considered moving to a cloud-based email system?

Office 365 and other cloud-based email systems are the present and the future and provide a great deal of security and scalability for every organisation. At 101 Computers we offer a range of cloud-based email services to ensure our clients are connected 24/7.

What Is The Benefit?

The benefits of cloud-based systems and emails, in particular, are in abundance. For companies that are looking for an all-around email package, there is a great chance to really change your business.

Some of the key benefits to moving to cloud-based include:

  • Improved Email Security
  • Increased Scalability Options
  • Cost Saving
  • Remote Access

What Do 101 Computers Offer

Utilising Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, we give our clients access to a secure 50GB of storage, which is the equivalent of 40,000 emails per mailbox.

Alongside this, all of your team will be able to access their emails from a range of devices whilst on the move, so great for those that are in the field or more commonly working from home.

We understand changing email providers can seem like a big task, however, the expertise of those at 101 Computers helps to negate risk, and only support our clients in having the most flexible and secure solutions.

Want To Find Out More?

Whether you are a small local business or a growing organisation in East Anglia 101 Computers are able to support you. Our Email Support packages are competitively priced

To find out more about how we can take care of all your IT Support requirements please do contact us.